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Paper Cutting is a traditional art whose origin is connected with the invention of paper during the Han dynasty (206 BC - 221 AD) . As paper was precious during the early days, the art of paper cutting first became popular in the royal palaces and houses of nobility. By the 14th century, the art had spread to Japan and then to the Middle East and Europe via the Silk Road. Widely used during folk festivals and celebrations, paper cuts often contain auspicious wordings, and are also used for window decorations, clothes-making stencils and embroidery patterns for shoes. So Paper cutting has more than 2000 years of history in China. Even Now, most of artwork dealers import silhouettes from china.

They are all hand made. We provice a full range of paper cutting, which includes people paper cutting, landscape paper cutting, characters paper cutting and colored paper cutting.

Because there are too many products in our show room, we couldn't display all of them on our website. We will be grateful if you could contact us and tell us about what you are especially interested in. Then we can arrange more detailed photos to send you by email for your further reference.

We can manufacture different pattern and style papper cuttings according to your needs. If you have your own designed draft and the quantity reaches some standard, we will be pleased to support your plan. Our engineers will help you turn your draft into finished products.