Sell Paper Tube Polisher(MG-D)

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1) Latest paper tube polishing equipment for
producing tubes without seams on the tube
2) Adopts high-precision rub-off head to avoid
the head shake to improve the tube surface
precision and smoothness
3) Uses high-precision guide to maintain the
precision and smoothness
4) Handles the whole machine through deformation-
proof process, maintains high-stability
5) Dust extraction assembly to lower pollution
and maintain the operators' health and safety

1) Power of tubes' rotating machinery: 1.1kW
2) Power of drawing motor: 0.75kW
3) Inside diameters: 50 - 200mm (changeable)
4) Max length: 1600mm (changeable)
5) Speed: 3m/sec
6) Air pressure: 0.4 - 0.5Mpa