Sell Paper Tube Winder Machine

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1) The inside diameter ranges from 25mm to 200mm, thickness up to 15mm
2) Adopts spiral bevel gear, stable
3) Assembles the imitate-Japanese latest wax-lubrication system to stabilize the
friction between tubes and mandrel; easily controls tubes' spiral seam, improves
the tubes qualities, maintains the original color of the bottom-ply
4) Increases the length of girder, maintains even force between belt and tube
contacting surface, improves the smoothness of tubes surface
5) Multi-plies paper frame, with long beam, improves the smoothness
6) Beam is manufactured by aging treated cast-iron, durable, without deformed
7) Expandable flange mandrel, taper core rob
8) High-speed and low-resistance cutting system, smooth, low-waste
9) Changeable speed
10) Additional circular-blades cutting system
11) Circuit and electric appliances designed and installed by the international standard

1) Inside diameter: 25 - 200mm
2) Max thickness: 15mm
3) Speed: 15m/min
4) Length: 1 - 4m (custom-built)
5) Power of main machinery: 11kW
6) Power of cutting machinery: 2.2kW
7) Power of circular-blades cutting: 0.75kW (non-assembly)
8) Power of dust extraction: 0.75kW (non-assembly)
9) Power of wax-lubrication machinery: 0.8kW
10) Dimensions: 5,100 x 1,100 x 1,900mm