Sell Paper bowl machine, Machinery making one side PE coated paper bowls(big paper cup)

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LBZ-LII type single side PE coated paper bowl machine is also the automatic environmental machine with multi-running positions.
This type machine is used to making bigger paper cups from 18 ounce to 60 ounce which can not be maken by paper cup machine. Like the LBZ-LI single side PE coated paper cup machine, this type machine mainly produce one side PE coated paper bowls.
This machine also runs a whole procedure of paper-feeding , bowl-fan-wall sealing, oiling, bottom punching, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding and tripping. It is an idea equipment of producing soup bowl, bigger paper cups and other large food cone-shaping containers.
Main Technical Data:
Paper Cup Sizes: 20,25,30,35,40,45,50,60 OZ or other sizes
Row material: Single side(one side) PE(polyethylene) film coated paper
Suitable paper weight: 170~450 gsm (Recommend 200~350 gsm)
Speed of making paper cups: 35~45 pcs per minute
limit of temperature control: 0~400 Centigrade
Total power: 6 KW
Power source: 380 V,220 V50 HZ,60 HZ or other needed
Whole machine weight: 2300 kg
Appearance size(L x W x H) : 3000 x 1300 x 1600 mm

We can make the paper bowl machine suitable for your requirement.

Automatic control adopts optically controlled non-contact switch,
Micro-controlled transducer,
Step-less speed adjustment,
Paper Bowl-fan-wall body sealed by heater,
Paper Bowl bottom sealed by hot air station.
Full automatic,
Easy exchanging molds produce different sizes paper bowls,
Easy operating by operator (one operator is enough) ,
Easy maintenance with minimum cost,
Cheap operating cost and low investment,
Air compressor is required for this type paper bowl machine.
Finished Products' Usage
One side PE coated paper bowls used as big capacity for soup bowls, noodle bowls, handy container and other field.
IF you want to produce double PE coated paper bowls, please select the Model LBZ-LIII double sides PE coated paper bowl machine.