Sell Paper bowl over-coating machine

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Model LBZ-A full-automatic paper bowl over-coating machine is an accessory to the Model LBZ-LII paper bowl machine. It enjoys advanced technology and reasonable design, and has the functions of automatic paper-feeding, sealing , trouble alarming and counting.
This type machine can be used to making a coat over the paper bowls, also can be used to making a coat over a paper cup to protect peoples hand from scalded(hot drinks, hot water or coffee) .
Main Technical Data:
Suitable Paper Bowl Sizes: From 20 oz to 60 oz or other sizes
Row material of outside packing: Wite plank paper of ash bottom
Ration productivity: 40--50 pcs per minute
Total power: 4 KW
Power source: 380 V,220 V50 HZ,60 HZ or other needed
Whole machine weight: 850 kg
Appearance size(L x W x H) : 2450 x 1260 x 2000 mm

We can make this type machine suitable for your requirement.

Automatic control adopts optically controlled non-contact switch,
Micro-controlled transducer,
Step-less speed adjustment,
The out-side coat sealing by the ultrasonic system,
Automatic Agglutinate the out layer to the paper bowls with mucilage,
Full automatic,
Easy changing molds produce different sizes
Easy operating by operator (one operator is enough) ,
Air compressor is required for this type machine.
Finished Products' Usage
The over coating product mainly used to packing the paper bowls or other containers with a out coat. Like the noodle bowl, you can get that the noodle paper bowl have two layers, inside is the one-side or two side PE coated paper bowls, the out side coated a printed design. . This out-side coating layer protect you from the hot drinks or other uses.
And this machine also can used to making a over coat as a jacket used for paper cups when you drink hot water or coffer and so on.