Sell Paper packaging material for milk & juice packaging

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Suitable for the commercial-aseptic paper-pouch (pillow-shaped with middle sealing) packaging of UHT milk, milk-based beverage, fruit juice and other liquid food for long shelf-life purpose.

The packaging material is a compound, laminate film consisting of 6 layers not including the immage printing layer.

The size of the packaged pouches ranges from 180 to 500ml per pouch. Packaged by AojiaPacks ASWB-4000A aseptic filling machine, the shelf-life of the packaged product lasts from 30 to 90 days under normal temperatures without being chilled. The pouches are user-friendly. In winter days, the pouches can be can be directly heated up in the microwave oven.

The packaged pouches are extremely elegant, eye-catching, sales-enhancing on the shelves of the supermarket.