Sell Paprika Oleoresin(Food Grade)

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Paprika Oleoresin is a kind of natural pigment taking chili as the raw material, adopting scientific method to extract, separate and refine. Its main components include C-capsanthin and Capsorubin, it is a kind of dark-red oil-dissolving liquid, and the color and luster are bright and gorgeous, with strong tinting power, light, heat, acid and alkali resistant, not being affected by metal ion; soluble in oil and ethanol, also being specially processed into water soluble or water dispersive pigment. The product is rich in (Beta) -carotene and vitamin C, and it is health-protective. It is widely used in the tinting of all kinds of food and medicine such as seafood, meat, cake, salad, can, and drinks etc. Also can be used in the production of cosmetic.
Available Colors