Sell Para aminobenzoic acid(pharm. grade)

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CAS No: 150-13-0
Packing: 25kgs each/net carton drums with double inner
Quality standard: conform to USP26
Usage: Pharmaceutical doses of PABA are indicated for Peyronie's disease, scleroderma, morphea and linear scleroderma. There is less evidence to indicate it for pemphigus and dermatomyositis. Claims that it can halt hair loss and restore color to graying hair are entirely anecdotal.

Appearance: white crystalline
Assay: >=99. .8%
Melting point 186-189oC
Reaction Up to standard
Loss on drying: <=0.2%
Chloride Up to standard
Readily carbonized substances Up to standard
Ignition residue <=0.1%
Heavy metals: <=20ppm
Sulfated ash: <=0.1%
Acidity consumption Up to standard
Ethanol dissolve testing Clear