Sell Paraben Series

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We are proudly introducing our Paraben series (Nipagin) products. These are our main products and we would like to supply the world customers with best-quality and price-competitive products.
Compared to sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate, paraben series mainly have the following advantages: good bacteria-inhibiting effect, wide range of bacteria inhibiting, wide applicable PH range, low cost in usage, convenience in usage, total elimination of excess of standards. Its selling amount is growing fast.
1. Oil-soluble products
Oil-soluble food antiseptic agent inhibits the growth of bacteria and mildew but does not solve in water and is therefore a suitable antiseptic agent for oily food.
It includes:
Methyl paraben
Ethyl paraben
Propyl paraben
Butyl paraben
2. Water-soluble products
Water-soluble food antiseptic agent solves extremely well in water and has good ablastin effect. Its solvency and diffusion in water are superior to that of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate and is therefore, especially suited to non oil soluble food.
It includes:
Sodium Methyl Paraben
Sodium Ethyl paraben
Sodium Propyl paraben
Sodium Butyl paraben
3. Water-soluble compound products
Water-soluble compound food antiseptic agent is a new generation food antiseptic agent, it features and enhanced bacteria-inhibiting effect and a widened range of bacteria inhibiting and is an exclusive antiseptic agent for trades like condiment, drinks, tobacco, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.
It includes:
Methyl-, Propyl-, Butyl-paraben compound
Propyl-, Butyl-paraben compound
Ethyl-, Propyl-paraben compound
We assure you that the quality of the products listed above strictly conform to FCC standard
If you are interested in any of the listed products, please email us, we will send back whatever information you need ASAP.