Sell Paraboloidal Mirror for 360 degree Panoramic Imaging Systems

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Paraboloidal Mirror is used for 360 degree Panormaic Imaging Systems such as the 0-360 degree One-Click Panoramic Optic.

Paraboloidal Mirror (Aspherical Lens) is used for 3600 Panormaic Imaging Systems such as The 0-3600 One-Click Panoramic Optic, One-Shot 3600 Panorama Virtual Tours, etc. The unique, full 360o perspective is achieved not with a complicated series of lenses, but with a single, remarkable mirror.

The Paraboloidal Mirror is specifically shaped to deliver a wide field of view with great detail. Our patented design tailors the mirror to remove the unneeded reflection of the camera, and expand the useful reflection area near the horizon. The result: Higher quality pictures.

The mirror is made with the most precise machining technology available -- a process used for high-end telescopes. With single-point diamond turning, each optical glass mirror is crafted to an exact shape, down to the micron. A thin film of aluminum is then deposited on the polished glass surface, protected by a hard coating of silicon dioxide -- essentially a thin layer of glass. Each mirror is inspected to ensure it meets our exacting standards.
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