Sell Paraffin Wax-Semi Refined

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We are suppliers of petroleum products-oils and waxes. We provide semi refined paraffin wax which is widely used in industries. Some industrial uses of semi refined paraffin wax are:
- Candles, torches, tapers, matches, floor polishes,
- Car polishes, corrosion protectors,
- Electrical industries, cable filling compounds,
- Tires and rubber products, as ozone protection,
- Paper production,
- Carbon paper, crayons and pencils,
- Pharmaceutical industry.

Main Specifications :

Melting Range (o C) 600C - 620C
Oil Content 3% - 5%

Contact us for high quality paraffin wax or visit our site for specifications on our products. Buyers are requested to kindly demand the specifications of the specific batch they will purchase.