Sell Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

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SJP MODEL series parallel twin screw extruder is the special equipment designed for various kind of PVC powders extruding and forming. Providing different mold and post processing equipment, it is applicable to produce PVC pipe, profile, board, sheet, rod and granule.
Oil cooling unit assembled for screw, this makes the temperature controlled easy and precisely. barrel cooling by particular design for air cooling unit, it iseasy to repair. Control system adopted by PLC controller. By the different prescription required of customers, assembling suitable screws in order to have good quality and plastical melt. The all screws milled by high precision special CNC screw milling machine, it guarantee the same extruding quality. Taking the lead in using advanced technology of variable pitch and deep screw, this makes the melt shearing and compressing much soft for practice necessary. Special design for distributing gear box and use import big thrust bearing for long life time and having heavy duty extruding force. Electrical elements adopted to original import pieces, having many kinds of warning functions, brokendown fixed easy. Cooling system special designed for fast cooling and temperature control accurately by 110.
Having the feature of lower shearing force, particularly for high speed and big diameter pipe extruding