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Parking system Spark (SP-5062)

Adopting the sensor-card parking management system, we need to set up a set of entrance and exit equipment respectively to form a relative close location. The system can finish checking, recording, calculating and charging in a short time only after a slight movement of the card in a specific area. And the barrier can lift and fall automatically, which is very convenient and effective for the management of the parking lot.

Both the driver and administrator of the parking lot have a contactless IC card to verify the personal identification. Operator can manage parking cards only after verification. In this way, it can fully ensure the safety and secrecy of the system and prevent vehicle theft.

We can put an end to the malpractice by management personnel by issuing different level card and regulating the right of the personnel. All the management personnel need to sign in with the card before the operation. For the exit keeper, he can login in the charging management after signing in. All the information of charging will be record into the database of the computer under the name of the keeper. The right of the keeper will be limited. No keeper can enter into higher software menu and change the data in the computer; and the superior manager can check, or print the record of any period of time. In this way, we can put an end to the malpractice of parking charge and mistakes of financial Stat.

According to various needs of customers, we can issue monthly card, deposited card and temporary card. Both monthly card and special card are limited by time-month and day respectively; Temporary card can be issued at any moment; the user of monthly card and special card need to pay premium in advance.

The computer can charge automatically; and monthly card and special card can be recognized automatically. And the computer can show the parking time, balance, period of validity and fee at the same time. The card machine has a indicator to guide the user and also greet politely, which is more attractive and effective.

The automatic strobe equipped with the system can prevent the damage of the vehicle. The detecting system adopts the advanced transforming technology. It has the functions of anti-jamming, high sensibility and reliability. The management personnel can check the parking situation at any moment. The caution light will indicate automatically if the parking lot is full and stop the operation in the entrance.

We will set up a set of high definition camera, fixed plank and auto- aperture with manual lens, with which we can monitor the car and identify the number plate of the vehicle. When the vehicle enters into the parking lot, the camera will send the signal to the management system through the video cable and keep it in the database. The driver needs to pay the fee before pulling out the parking lot. During the process, all the information of the vehicle (number plate, model, color etc. ) needs to be compared with the information before the vehicle enters into the parking lot.
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