Sell Parrot Babies and fertile Eggs for sale

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Thanks very much to read from you regarding our fertile candle tested parrots eggs, we now have instock available the following species of parrots eggs and parrot babies ready for sale. please make an order for your fertile eggs and parrot babies now. Hatching guarantee 100%. , we also have cages for sale, babies in perfect good health

-Congo african greys eggs
-Solomons island eclectus eggs
-Palm cockatoos eggs
-Umbrela cockatoos eggs
-Black palm cockatoos eggs
-Moluccan cockatoos eggs
-Goffin cockatoos eggs
-Hyacinth macaws eggs
-Greenwing macaws eggs
-Blue & gold macaw eggs
-Scarlet macaw
-Eclectus eggs
-Amazon eggs
-Toucan eggs
We shipped Worldwide with a well protected octagon vx 20 turbo incubator for buyers and new breeders for hatching of the eggs and return it back. Incubator Deposit fee is 100 USD . We shipped along side DvDs hand manuals to aid and guide buyers for the proper and accurate raising of the parrot babies, Be a parrot Breeder with ease Breed a parrot by yourself now.
contact us now for your order.