Sell Particles wollastonite

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Main Data:
SiO2: Greater or equal 45%-56%
CaO: Greater or equal 38%-45%
Al2O3: Less or Equal 0.8%
Fe2O3: Less or Equal 0.5%
TiO2: Less or Equal 0.003%
MGO: Less or Equal 0.8%
S: Less or Equal 0.003%
P: Less or Equal 0.003%
Loss: Less or Equal 5-10%
Size(L/D) : Less or Equal 0-10mm
White: Less or Equal 75%

Used in Cermic industry as Glazed ceramic\Sanitary porcelain\Porcelain for daily use\Artistic porcelain\Electric ceramics\High-frequency and low-loss wireless electric ceramics\Chemical ceramic\Glaze\Coloring materials\and Ceramic fibre etc.
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