Sell Patchouli Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology: Anti-depression, ease emotion, improve sleeping, warm heart.

2, Physical:Improve appetite, diuresis, allay fever, treat diarrhea, inflammation and wounds. Anti-infetion, expel mosquitoes, treat beriberi.

3, Skin:Tight pores, treat pruritus capitis , pimple , acne and chap. Effictively recovery of scars and kill germs, burn and bedsore.


1, Skincare:Apply a droplet to body or mixe with 3 ml almond oil for watersupply .

2, Beriberi:Apply 3 droplets into hot water, then soak feet.

3, Nervine:Apply 4 droplets into fragrance lamp to improve central nevous system.