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Patchouli has its own unique earthiness, which has been described as dark and mysterious. This is probably one of the most fascinating essential oil fragrances available, and not one that is a conventional, polite, or elegant scent. The fragrance could best be described as haunting.

Patchouli has grounding and balancing effect on the emotions, and on the skin the oil is useful in protecting dry, mature or blemished skin. Patchouli is considered to have anti-deodorizing properties.

 Our soaps are made using 100% vegetable oils
 Only essential oils are used to scent our soaps
 Each soap is superfatted
 Using the cold process method, vegetable glycerin is naturally present in our bars. (In industrial production, a bar seldom contains its natural glycerin)
 No synthetic ingredients are used (colour and texture come from use of herbs, , spices, etc. )
 Our soaps are handmade and handcut
Brand Name
Indochine Natural
Supply Capacity
10,000 pcs per month
Minimum Order Quantity
100 pcs
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