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A new patent product (Taiwan Patent No. 196397; Japan Patent No. 3088072; Germany Patent No. 20215278.2; US Patent Application No. 10/073242; China Patent No. 03223751.0. ) , electronic cockroach trap which can not only lures but also killed the cockroaches by electrical shock. Every 4 minutes the trap releases electrical current for 35 seconds to killed the cockroaches within the trap, it also releases ozone(O3) at the same time to kill the bacteria on the cockroaches. The cockroaches generate pheromones when they are been electrical shocked, and the pheromones attract more cockroaches in the nearby area inside the house.

Input: 9V DC, supplied by 6 pieces of size AA batteries, or using a AC power adaptor of 120V/60Hz/9V/ 200mA.
Frequency: 20 KHz  10%.
Voltage: Pulse wave, peak-to-peak voltage of
Safety Protection: Micro switch, disconnected as soon as the box is opened.
Box Material: ABS
Electric Shock Plate: Stainless steel SUS304.
Effective area: About 6.6 square meters.
220x160x65 mm
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