Sell Patient Monitor--MD9000C

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Patient Monitor--MD9000C:
Networked to CMS9000 patient monitor
Optional dual-screen display
Up to 64 bedside monitors connectable
High-resolution display of 32 waveforms for 16
Beds simultaneously with user selectable size
Review of the latest 720 alarm events for each bedside monitor
Review of the latest 6 minutes short trend and 240 hours trend for each bedside
Display of multi-lead ECG waveforms and S-T segment
72-hour full-disclosure waveform store and review
Thermal recorder and optional laser printer
10,000 history patient monitoring information
All-round system help information including operation guide of central monitor system
Size and weight 600mm*600mm*400mm
Mainframe 17.7kg
Monitor size 594mm*574mm*537mm
Monitor weight 20kg
Recorder size 210mm*100mm*100mm
Printer weight 7kg working condition Temperature Working 0 to 400
Transportation and storage -20 to 600 Humidity
Working <=80%
Transportation and storage <=90% Sea level
Working 500 to 4600m (-1600 to 15000ft) Transportation and storage AC 100-127/200-240V 7A/4A Performance specification
Display 17color monitor high resolution 1024*768 and LCD display is optional
Language English and Chinese
Waveform display 4-channel waveform for each bed and can be extended to 12 channels
Alarm indicator Mainframe
indicator Interface Power supply socket
2 serial interfaces
1 parallel interfaces
2 USB interface
1 RJ-45 network interface
1 keyboard interface
1 PS/2 mouse interface Audio output interface Mic input interface
Trend time 240 hours trend for each bed display
6 minutes short trend dynamic display alarm
Parameter alarm ST segment alarm Arrhythmia alarm Waveform store
Full-disclosure store and review Network specification Structure Ethernet 802.3
Transfer speed 10M
100M Protocol MD
Interface RJ -45
Transfer content waveform, parameter and alarm
Type of bedside the entire bedside monitors that suit MD network protocol
The number of bedside 64
Printer type cannon LBP -810
Resolution 600DPI Interface: USB
Print speed 10 pages/Min
Paper A4