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Patient vital sign monitor:

12"liquid crystal high-brightness display, outside CRT display, rich background, wave shape, numerical value individuality, changeable colors, heart rate, pulse rate, None-injury blood pressure, body temperature, breathing rate, monitor parameter, breathing CO2 changeable;
Standard 12 lead America imported None-injury blood pressure mode, Chinese-English operation interface shift

Lead choosing: standard 12 lead I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1~V6, MCL1 all lead monitor, or choose a lead at random to monitor.

Heart rate:
Measure scale: 30-254BPM
Measure precision: 1BPM or 12%, choose the max one
Display resolving rate: 1BPM

ST phase excursion (under the mode of diagnosis)
Measure scale: -0.8~+0.8mV
Measure precision: 12%mV or 15%, choose the max oneDisplay resolving rate: 0.02mV

ECG wave shape:
All lead ECG wave shape display, wave shape plus: X0.5X1X2X4
Lead exfoliation: automatic detection
Monitor mode: diagnosis (DIA) : 0.05~100HZ
monitor (MON) : 0.5~40HZ
operation (OPR) : 1~25HZ

Overload protection: defibrillation protection and anti-high-frequency electrotome interference
None-injury blood pressure
Measure methods: oscillation method
Measure modes: forward direction, converse, rapid
Patients variety: adults, children, new-born
Breathing rate
Measure scale: 0~99BPM
Measure precision: 12BPM or 110%, choose the max one
Measure scale: 250~450
Measure precision: 10.20
Pulse oxygen saturation
Measure scale: 0~100%
Measure precision: 10.2%, 70~100% SPO2
10.3%, 50~69% SPO2
no representation, <50% SPO2

Pulse rate:
Measure scale: 30~254BPM
Measure precision: 1BPM or 12%, choose the max one