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Telepulse is an Enhanced Feature Meter to Monitor Telephone Tariffs.
Whether you just want to keep your telephone costs down or you rent accommodation with phone lines and want to recharge calls to your tenant, or if you run a telecentre where people come to call local, national or international numbers, Telepulse is the ideal product.

It enables you to know exactly how many calls were made and the total amount due. Configuration setting of the pulse charge is protected by password. For security purpose and to prevent fraud we have also included additional counters that cannot be reset allowing validation checks to be made on the normal counters.

Lidcom Telepulse has very low power consumption. A full year of normal operation can be expected when powered with standard alkaline batteries. For heavy users, we have included a facility for an optional external power supply adapter, to save on batteries. This can be derived from the mains or from rechargeable lead-acid batteries.

Functionalities of call meter:

Personal Identification Number (PIN) for security control
Separate choices for first meter pulse and subsequent pulse tariff rate.
Selectable usage mode: residential, rental/hotel or retail telecentre bureaux.
Flat-rate charge option for rental/hotel mode to cover line costs.
Per customer minimum charge option for telecentre retail service resellers.
Non-volatile memory storage to ensure no loss of data during power-down.
High capacity counters virtually guarantee no overflow or rollover.
2- Line 16 Character active display for maximum user information:
142 mm x 92 mm 32 mm
Display size: 60 mm x 15 mm
Power Supply:
4 x AA alkaline cells of 1,5V - External power supply option.
Optional 6.5V External mains power adapter
Optional d. c. power distributor containing rechargeable lead-acid batteries (very high capacity) for multiple unit installations.
Meter Pulse:
2 versions of the Telepulse are available in order to accommodate country standards of 12 and 16 kHz tone pulses.
Security devices:
Wall mounting option to prevent access to battery compartment or theft.
Configuration access password protected.
Counter reset by secure key sequence.
Security embedded accumulator counters that cannot be reset or deleted.
Non-volatile memory secures all data.
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