Sell Pea protein powder

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Pea protein powder
Target content :
crude protein 60% min
Water 11% max
Total energy 4.38 trillion cards /kg Ammonium base acid content :
Tiandongansuan Siansuan 2.512; 1.929; 3.288; Su chemical monosodium 4.069
Ganansuan cystine 0.420; 2.296; 2.227; Bingansuan Xieansuan 2.171
Danansuan 1.110; differences between chemical compound 3.180; 1.050; if tyrosine 1.503
Benzene Bingansuan lysine 2.722; 2.661; 1.012; Jingansuan 4.048 chemical group.
Puansuan 1.800; L 0.260.
Product profiles.
Pea protein powder, "its use of imported raw materials is" Canadian consumption yellow pea. "
Products colored yellow, Weixiang, palatable good, comprehensive nutritional ingredients, changing the use of domestically
produced single grey pea production Grey protein powder deficiencies. Thailand and the introduction of the steam flow
drying equipment technology, strong technical force, detection means complete, and always to rely on high technology for
commitment to the development and research pea protein powder. I plant production pea protein powder by high temperatures,
disinfection, dehydration, drying, processing technology, immunity strong, big production, quality long-term stability,
crude protein content of 60%; water 12%; acid content rich, poultry, aquaculture and animal feed industry in the first
plant protein products, but also non-fish meal recipes best choice.
Product specifications.
Pulses protein powder []1 exports. Sensory characteristics : appearance of the yellow color powder, a protein unique scent, a taste sensation, palatable good.