Sell Pectin

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We can supply the following Pectin:
1. Apple pectin: HM ultra-rapid set, HM rapid set, HM middle set, HM slow set, HM ultra-slow set
2. Citrus pectin: HM middle set

We list the introduction of Pectin as follows:
Pectins are mainly used as gelling agents, but can also act as thickener, water binder and stabilizer. High methoxyl pectins rapidly form thermally irreversible gels in the presence of sufficient (for example, 65% by weight) sugars such as sucrose and at low pH (< 3.5) . The degree of esterification can be (incompletely) reduced using commercial pectin methylesterase, leading to a higher viscosity and firmer gelling in the presence of Ca2+ ions. Highly (2-O- and/or 3-O-galacturonic acid backbone) acetylated pectin from sugar beet is reported to gel poorly but have considerable emulsification ability due to its more hydrophobic nature, but this may be due to associated protein impurities.