Sell Pedestrian Signal Part number: 45-0003

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==>the square moving pedestrian signs are composed by two illustration sections. Moving green man and count down time.
==>moving man: Composed by several figures: Moving man is presented in fast and slow speeds, the speed of the moving man will change to fast mode in the last 10 seconds.
==>count down timer: Seconds shown on the counter is the time remaining for green signal to change to red.
==>static figure: When the red man is in static mode, it means stop. The bottom green man is not shown.
==>the count down timer and the static figure(redman) is in the same panels. The panels show either one of them.

~operates at -10 degree c to +74 degree c.
~uv stabilized scratch resistant.
~moisture ingress: Meet ip55.
~power factor greater than 0.9.
~operating voltage range:200~250vac 50/60hz
~power consumption < 20 w
~display panel size 200mm * 200mm
~dominant wave length
Green 499 - 508
Yellow 586 - 596
Housing material: Pc, black or dark green color.