Sell Peeler

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2" Length Micro Ceramic Blade
- Overall Length: 5"
- ABS Handles
- Blister Card Packing

- Be of great advantage of human's health and hygienics.
- Adopt the high-tech industrial micro-ceramic of Zirconium Oxide in nature.
- Non-metal and antitoxic advanced ceramic, chemicals free, anti-corrosion, rustless, aspetic, less
bacteria, resistant to acids and oils.

- Non-stick, non-conducting, non-magnetic, no metallic ionic reaction and taste, no electrostatic
induction and heat-resistant.

- Superior toughness, strength, durable, hardness, ultra-sharp, never dull and long-lived application
without sharpening.

- Don't use it for bones cutting, prying or flexing.
- Well preserve the natural flavors and nutrition of the vegetables, fruits and boneless meats; also
never alter the taste or smell of foods.

- Lightweight and ergonomical design for the benefit of hands, shoulders and joints to slice and dice
through a variety of foods.

- Easy to operate, cut, clean and maintain for monthes to years