Sell Penetrometer for bitument materials

Penetrometer for bitument materials
Use: This instrument is suitable to the standards of GB/T269, GB/T4509 and T0604. Test the plasticity of lubricating grease and the hardness of bitumen. Characteristics: Having the equipment to control temperature, can control the testing temperature at the temperature requested. Making use of the rack to drive light grid to measure depth, though the numeral show, make it convenient, fast and intuitional; Can start at any position. The Support's ascend and descend can regulate freely to aim at accuracy. Establish the reflection mirror to observe accuracy. Establish the platform regulative system and the level machine to insure the work surface to be placed in level.

Time setting: 5, 8, 10, 12, 30, 60s
Accuracy: 510.1s
Measurement range: 620Pen unit
Bitumen needle: 2.510.05g
Full scale cone: 102.510.05g
Constant temperature capacity: >0.5L
Control temperature accuracy:2510.10