Sell Penta Prisms

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Material: Optical Glass, Quartz, BK7, CaF2, Sapphire, MgO, ZnS, Ge, Si, BaF2.

Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.15 mm

Angle Tolerance: +/-3arc minutes

Surface Figure: λ /2 @632.8nm

Surface Quality: 20-10

Clear Aperture: Central 90% of diameter

Standard penta Prisms:
Size(mm) 1min. devation 30sec. deviation 10sec. devation

Product Number Product Number Product Number
A=B=5x5 BX-PTPB0101 BX-PTPB0201 BX-PTPB0301
A=B=7x6 BX-PTPB0102 BX-PTPB0202 BX-PTPB0302
A=B=10x10 BX-PTPB0103 BX-PTPB0203 BX-PTPB0303
A=B=15x15 BX-PTPB0104 BX-PTPB0204 BX-PTPB0304
A=B=20x20 BX-PTPB0105 BX-PTPB0205 BX-PTPB0305
A=B=25X25 BX-PTPB0106 BX-PTPB0206 BX-PTPB0306