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Sinozyme have 13 experience in producing biochemical enzymes and is the largest manufacturer and exporter in China, our products all conform to the USP, CP, BP, NF standard, just as below:

Pepsin BP1:10000
Pepsin NF1:10000
Pepsin NF1:15000

Detailed Product Description

Resources: porcine gastric mucosa

General introduction: pepsin is a digestive enzyme; it is extracted from pepsinogen under PH 1.5-5.0 and the pepsinogen is secreted by the stomach cell. Pepsin can decompose the solidified proteins into peptone by effect of stomach acid, but it can not go any further to amino acid. The best effective condition for pepsin is pH 1.6-1.8

Function: widely used for the dyspepsia caused by over taking proteinic foods and lack of stomach proteinase caused by digestive hypofunction in the recovering period. It also has effect on curing chronic of atrophic gastritis, gastric cancer and malignant anaemia
Producing skill: pepsin is extracted from porcine gastric mucosa through our exclusive skill

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