Sell Perfume filling machine

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1. Devices :
The perfume filling machine includes automatic bottle feeding, filling, sprayer loading, capping devices. Completely in explosion-proof design. The contact material parts are 316L stainless steel.
2. Characters :
This machine has automatic bottle entry, check bottle by itself (no bottle no filling and no bottle no cap feed system) automatic filling, automatic insert the spray pump, automatic crimping or screwing caps.
3. Operation:
Put empty bottles into turntable then transferred into filling part via conveyer belt. Sensor detects bottles being valid on position then send signals to control system for filling. No-bottle no-filling system. Start filling once detecting valid bottle. After filling, bottles are transferred into sprayer inserting station. Vibrator unscrambles and feeds spray pump automatically. Then atomizers go to capping station (screwing or crimping optional) . Capping finished, bottles pushed into outlet conveyer belt automatically.
Completely operates in highly automatic, good stability.

Item Parameter
Power source 220/110V 50/60Hz 1KW
Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Filling speed 20-50 Bottles/min.
Filling accuracy >=99%
Filling range 5-60ml 50-125ml (customized)
Personnel required:
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