Sell Peri Peri Keychain: the joy of opening up mail parcels forever

Peri Peri Keychain: the joy of opening up mail parcels forever You May Also Be Interested In: keychain toy peri peri
Look, you don't have to explain to us how weird this thing is. Trust us, we fully understand. But as gadget editors, we have a certain love for receiving surprise packages and ripping 'em open as quickly as possible to discover what goodies reside within. Bandai's so-very-Japanese Peri Peri keychain is apt to appeal to the unboxers among us, as it recreates the unmistakable feeling of tearing open a rushed FedEx envelope. If there's a downside, it's that there's no new wares to be found after each opening, but on the other hand, at least there's no big dent on your credit card each time you "open" something new.

You know that excitement that wells up inside of you when you get an unopened parcel? Well, Bandai wonders: What's the best part? Opening it, or getting what's inside?

If you get a little tingle out of ripping the seal, then look no further than Bandai's Peri Peri keychain toy. For whatever reason, it'll simulate just that  for as many times as you like. You'll have to wait until November 22nd. Bandai also has a Puti Puti variant, that simulates popping bubble wrap.
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30000000 pcs per month
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500 pcs
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