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Perkins generating sets instruction:
A: The Perkins engine Limited company cooperates the Perkins series diesel engine which promotes to have the high performance price ratio. The product conforms to the following standard:
Countries and the international standard and so on GB/T2820, GB1105, YD/T502, ISO3046, ISO8528, the exhaust conforms to American EPA and the CARB standard.
The Perkins engine Limited company is the world-famous has the glorious engine production sale history. Founded in 1932 by British entrepreneur Frank. Perkins in British Peterborough. Until now, has provided 1 5,000,000 for the whole world from the 4kw~1 940kw various powers section engine; At present has 3 production bases, the annual production reaches 400 000; The company lays bricks Chester and Singapore in Britain establishes two components issue center, and establishes a branch more than 3500 service mesh points in the whole world, provides the whole year for worldwide scale's in customer to be not interrupted serves, takes global well-known Rolls Royce (Rolls-Royce) the Manufacturer, Perkins devotes to the product quality, the environment, the efficiency; Fulfils exactly ISO9001, the ISO10004 international standard, makes the profession navigator; Has obtained the outstanding environmental protection empress medal. Perkins slogan: no matter which profession, the emissions request no matter what, Perkins solves firmly for you. 
Engine characteristic:
1. low noise, high emission standard: Achieves 1/2TA LUFT the emission standard.
2.2. high efficiency: Uses 4 crown air cylinder tire valve structure optimization gas flow control, as well as bean perfect fog shape blow, guarantee deflagration, highly effective and efficiency.
3. Stable, reliability: Uses the most apex's processing technology development and the test, uses the advanced multi-spot shower cooling systems control piston temperature, as well as multi-ultimate analysis control guarantee stability, low oil consumption and low attrition.
4. The Perkins diesel engine is widely applied in the national defense, the aviation, the vehicles, the ships, the engineering machinery, the power set, and is small by its volume, the weight light, anti-shock load ability is strong, the noise is low, economy reliable and so on characteristics by world approval.
B: Power set technical standard:
GB/T2820.1, .5, .6 and ISO8528 " the exchange power set which actuates reciprocating combustion engine " the standard stipulation.
1st, power set
standard atmosphere condition (GB1105, ISO3046 stipulation) : atmospheric pressure 100KPa (elevation 100m) ambient temperature 250 relative humidity 30%
2nd, control box
Has manual, automatic, the long-distance monitoring, the completely automatic intellectualization and so on different type control box. The basic disposition has the voltmeter, the ampere meter, the frequency meter, the water temperature table, the fuel pressure gauge, the controller, the emergency stop to pull, the preheating button, the voltmeter, the timetable, the phase selection switch and so on.
3rd, diesel engine
Perkins (PERKINS) industry diesel engine habitat: British unique feature: The four stroke, the water cooling, spurt, the turbocharging, to let in air coldly straight
4th, alternator
excitation way: Not brushes from excitation the insulation grade: H level protection rank: IP21 voltage regulation: Automatic voltage regulation
5th, Power set electrical specification
Achieves GB2820.3 and ISO8528 the G3 level request and posts and telecommunications system YD/T502 the correspondence special-purpose diesel dynamo's specification " stipulation. rated voltage: 400/230V wiring way: 3 4 frequency: 50Hz power factor: 0.8 (lag) voltage relative regulation (%) : <=11 (stable state) +20~-15 (transient state) frequency relative regulation (%) : <=1 (stable state) +10~-7 (transient state) voltage wave pace (%) : <=0.5 frequency flutter rate (%) : <=0.5 load sudden change voltage regulation time (s) : <=1 load mutation frequency settling time (s) : <=3 wave distortion (%) : <=5 suppresses the radio jamming: Conforms to the VDE0875-N level and GB2820 stipulation But should the user need provide 60Hz and other international general voltage service pattern diesel engine electrical machinery
C: Third, goods supply standard layout the power set including the engine (belt standard equipment, three filters, electrical system) the radiator (ventilator, water tank) alternator hand control box the power circuit breaker Chassisabove each fits out body
D:Pats may select
automatic control box
>the low temperature to start auxiliary unit
>water jacket pre-heater
> the generator to go to tide
>heat interchanger
>each kind of monitor project
>concentrate long-distance supervisory system
>fuel oil tank
F: Sending out
Power set: Silencer, exhaust elbow, corrugated pipe and so on
Accumulator cell and battery ties, absorption of shock cushion
Stochastic technical paper and user's manual
Condition of Goods
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