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Perlite Products

Perlite: A natural volcanic glass similar to obsidian but having distinctive concentric cracks and a relatively high water consistent.

Crushed Perlite: Granule perlite with different size.

Expanded Perlite: Througn preheating and burnning instantly in high temperature, crushed perlite can expanded many times its original volume and become honeycomb pellets, which be called as expanded perlite. It is non-toxic, tasteless, nonconbustible, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant.

Main Usage:

1 It can be used in oxygen manufacturer and freezer as well as insulating layer in transporting liquid oxygen and hydrogen.

2 It can be used to filter liquor, oil, medicine, food and dirty water.

3 It can be used as filling and dilating agent in rubber, painter and plastic, etc.

4 It can be used as catalyst in explosives.

5 It can be used to absorb floating oil.

6 It can be used in agriculture and gardening to improve the soil and withhold water and fertilizer.

7 It can be mixed with different benders to make templets of different sizes and functions.

8 It can be used as in large volume as insulating layers in industrial smelting furnaces and walls and floors of architectures.