Sell Permanent Magnetic Alternating-current Contactor

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Type: YDC1 Series
Rated operating current: 9~~630 A
Control power: 220V (2.2KW~~200KW)
380V (4KW~~335KW)
660V (5.5KW~~450KW)
Rated insulation voltage: 660V
Switch on max current: 90A~~6300A
Switch off max current: 72A~~5040A

The range of usage:
The YDC1 Permanent Magnetic AC Contactor is adapted for alternating current of 50HZ or 60 HZ, rated voltage up to 1000V, and conventional thermal current up to 1000A. It is mainly applied for long distance connection, breaking circuit, frequent startup, and controlling AC motor. Moreover the YDC1 series of and thermorelay or electronic protective device could compose the electromagnetic starter. It is usually used for protecting overload or open phase circuit . And it also could buildup the reversible switching mechanic interlock contactor with electric switch contactor and star-delta starter.

The Features of contactor:
1. Energy saving: the contactor only consumes 5 of the traditional power consumption.
2. This series of contactor use rare earth permanent magnetic material with micro-electronic technology to control turn-on and release. When the contactor is working, it has ability of anti-interference from network power voltage and it wont interference other equipments. No trembling when critical turn-on, release and operation.
3. Safe and reliable:
Switch on reliably under 85%~130% of the rated operating voltage. And switch off reliably under 20%~75% of the rated operating voltage.
4. No temperature rise for coil.
The temperature of system will remain constantly under the operating position. The speed of contacts switch on/off is 3 times faster than traditional electromagnetic contactor.
5. Long life and no noise.