Sell Permanent anti-static clothing (fabric)

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Permanent anti-static clothing (fabric)

Anti-static cloth (serving) the principal mechanism:
The use of metal fiber, subconductive fiber or synthetic anti-static corona discharge and leakage of the discharge mechanism, the elimination of human clothing and live.
A anti-static clothing (fabric) of the technical performance
Clothing, fabric surface resistance ((Ohms)) : 1X105 <= 1X107 to 1X107 <1X1011
Clothing, fabric live charge (5C) / piece: <= 0.6
Clothing, fabric shrinkage (%) : <= 2.5 by the zonal <= 2.5
Clothing, fabric ventilation rate (mm / s) >= 10
Clothing, fabric water vapor permeability (g/m2. d) >= 2000
Clothing, water-resistant fabric color fastness (class) >= 3
Clothing, fabric resistant to dry friction color fastness (class) >= 3
Clothing, fabric breaking strength (N) : as to >= 780 (mass per unit area >= 200/m2) zonal >= 390
As to >= 490 (mass per unit area >= 200/m2) zonal >= 390
Clothing, seam strength (N) : >= 98
Second, the use of anti-static overalls and Notes
Relative humidity <= 30%, cotton clothing and fiber consumption with the same service. Cotton clothing is absolutely no substitute for anti-static clothing.
Place in the high-voltage live line work should be sub-conductors to wear anti-static materials suits.
Inflammable and explosive places in the prohibition of anti-static clothing to wear off.
To prohibit the addition of anti-static clothing or wearing any metal objects.
Wear anti-static GB4385 be provided with anti-static wear matching shoes.
Washing when the water temperature 30 0 C in the following, per kilogram of soap or detergent plus 1 g, dissolved than is greater than 1:40.
Wear after two years should be tested anti-static clothing. If the anti-static properties do not meet standard requirements, can not serve to prevent the use of static electricity.
Anti-static overalls should be dry to preserve ventilation.
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