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Desktop Air Purifier with UV and TIO2


Desktop Air Purifier is the compact version of the original and is perfect for delivering fresh, purified air to small rooms in homes or offices.



Release high density negative ions to improve air quality, keep you energetic in life and work

Reduce airborne allergens and irritants including dust, mite allergen, pet dander, pollens and cigarette smoke

Ultraviolet lamp kills virtually all the airborne bacteria, mold spores and viruses that enter the unit

Eliminate and decompose volatile of poisonous substance (formaldehyde, benzene)

Dispel household odors

Eliminate static electricity

Remove dusts

Dust collection


Patented, exclusive piezo-electric air purifying technology, high negative ion output

Combines proven air-cleaning technology with a germ-killing UVC lamp

Photocatalyst technology for bacteria killing

Patented negative ion releasing technology, safely control ozones output

Strong ion breeze, quiet operation lets you enjoy the benefits of this purifier even when youre sleeping

No filters, zero maintenance costs

Dust collector slat, easy for cleaning

Low power consumption, only 5 w per hour


Negative Ion Density 3-8million/cc

Ozone Density <0.05ppm

Working Voltage DC12V

Input Power <5W

Related Humidity RH20~80%RH

Operation Temperature -20~600

Product Size 262W95W280mm

Unit Weight 900g