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Designed for convenient use.
for bath and grooming pet animals at home.

This CareCool is a product designed for convenient use for bath and grooming pet animals at home
which is found difficult to do so with the existing pet care products at home.

This CareCool, which is in a scientific design, well fitting to the figures of pet animals.
It provides comfortableness the same they are felt when their owners hold him.

Also this is the products that provides conveniences not only for pet animals but also for pet lovers, developed
first time in the world.


- The produdct's biggest feature lies in its design that enables for the use by both dog and cat and for giving bath

grooming, medical care in combination.

- It has been designed to give a hair styling, dyeing, medical care conveniently for the pet animals through reducing

prossible stresses they are felt due to having such bath and grooming.

- It can be used for various kinds of dogs ( able to adjust the ength of the products ) and for the function

of the products of making 360 degree rotation the user can enjoy the convenience of One-Stop-System that

the user can give bathing in all direction without taking a trouble of moving around and sitting in the same place.

- And by dispersing the weight of the head, chest, hip into 3 different phase, it has been designed in a scientific

pet figure-levitation system allowing the pet to feel more more comfortableness.

- Using this product, giving a hair styling of pet to be performed at home, so it is an economical way of reducing the expenses as well.

- Applied for a PCT International Patent


Size: 523*310*H435

Weight :2.5kgs

Material : ABS/GlassFiber Plastic