Sell Pet Hair Dryer (Model: RD-5000)

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- Pet Hair Dryer (Model: RD-5000)


1. Reasonable for pet use hair dryer which can be easily put on/off and moving up/down on the fixing stand.
2. Emitting the far infrared rays by bio ceramic coating
on the outlet net which can be deodorizes and keeps in good hair condition.
3. Emitting anions by generating circuit.
4. A thermal fuse and bimetal are built in to guarantee safety in case of abnormally high temperatures.
5. Adjustable airflow switch (High, Low, Cool, Off) .
6. Reasonable strong air flow and low heat for pet use hair dryer.
7. Filter on air inlet net to prevents foreign materials or hair from entering the body.
8. Specially designed for pet use, so it features strong airflow, low heat and low noise.


Rating : AC 110-220 V, 50~60 Hz, 1100W
Weight : 1188 g
Size : 347 X 256 X 358 mm