Sell Pet Odor Remover Portable Oxygen Bar

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Pet Odor Remover - Portable Oxygen Bar

Product name: Pets odor eliminator
Product model: AP-11
Electrical source: DC 3V (AAA)
Power consumption: <= 0.1 W
Negative concentration: 1800000 PCS/cm3
Ozone concentration: 0.05 ppm
Weight: 35 g
Exterior size: 67 X 50 X 29 (mm)
Applications: Portable for pet & people & car decoration

1) Ozone can eliminate pet's odor, kill bacteria, prevent pet disease's cross-infection.
2) Negative ion can keep your family and pet's healthy, improve air quality wherever pets stay.
3) Negative ion can activate peoples' and animal's cells, and promote blood circulation.
4) Advanced technology of Piezo-Electric with high efficiency, low cost, high purity, convenience and permanent use.
5) A pair of AAA battery for power supply, can be bought at any time any place, very convenient and conserving.
6) Small and exquisite. It is an excellent product for gift.
7) Air is used as the material, low electricity consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.
8) With CE Certificate.