Sell Pet Strollers (SDS1101)

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Size Dimensions:

Side to side (wheel to wheel) = 19 1/2"
Carrier interior Front to Back = 21 1/2"
Carrier interior Side to Side = 15 1/2"
Carrier interior Height = 20"
Wheel diameter = 4.5"

This stroller works wonders on the in town or on the road. Your baby rides cozy and secure in her snug carrier while riding in style. AND we have never been denied entree in a restaurant when using the Poochy Stroller. Bone Appetit, for sure! Perfect for the pet with mobility restrictions or any occasion when stylish containment is essential. Silvery Sunscreen material on the bonnet is attractive and allows you to position your pet out of the sun and harmful UV rays, keeping cooler and safer. Detachable carrier lays flat when removed from the frame. Frame unhinges easily at sides to also lay flat. GREAT for travel in the car and around town. For pets up to about 22 pounds.