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The product ideas is for bark terminator , can auto detech environment noise or pet bark, according bark frequency and timing , the inside MCU will start up to intervene by tone or voltage , which is best way. normally, the bark will disable after used 3 days

BARK TERMINATOR Advanced Progressive Shock Collar, Your Pup Stops Barking in 3 Days

We introduced and have perfected the science of using progressively increasing stimulus to humanly stop dog barking. The Bark Terminator is simply, the most effective bark control collar you can buy and it's the only one GUARANTEED to stop your dogs barking faster and more effectively than any other brand of electronic bark control collar made. Compared to more expensive, less effective units, the BARK TERMINATOR is the best bark control value available today.
The Bark Terminator's unique approach to bark control teaches rather than punishes. You will find that this advanced technique works faster, more completely with the least amount of trauma to your cherished pet.

1> Automatic progressively increasing stimulus
2>"SURE SENSE" Voice Recognition System
3>No uncomfortable vibration sensor
4>Extremely small and lightweight (less than 1.5 oz. )
5>Effective on dogs from 5 pounds to 150 pounds
6>Operates on a single, long life, 6 volt alkaline battery (Available below)