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Detailed Product Description

1. Detailed packing strap Description:
PET packing strap production is a new model of packing material machine, applying to advanced technology overseas. PET packing strap is the best replacement for old packing material, and is accepted in word packing industry. Nowdays, the PET packing strap hasebeen widly used in many industry such as paper steel, chemical fiber, cotton, printing wood and so on.

2. PET strap extruding production line profile
The production line mainly includes dehumidifying, extruding, head mould, high pressure extending, first pre-heating, first extending, second pre-heating, second extending, hot-pressing, hot shaping, traction, rolling, central control water station, and electrical parts.

3. Feacture of PET packing strap production
1) . Raw material: PET plastic including recylcing PET waste ( washing cleanly)
2) . Production: Packing strap among 10-30mm width ( buyer's option )
3) . Capacity: 80-180kg/h
4) . Number of extruding strap: One or two ( buyers' option )
5) . Strapping viscosity number: >0.7 KV
6) . Tensile strength: Very strong
7) . Production line speed: 5-10m/min

4. Merit of PET packingextruding strap production line:
Special structure, high automation, easy to operation, high production, low energy consumption, safety, reliability.

5. Function:
1) . PET raw materials do not need to separate the dry and water treatment . There are automatic circulation on preheating and drying that save a large number of equipment investment and reduce the production cost by 30%;
2) . Utilizing the retrieving bottle slice as raw materials that reducing the cost to a great extent;
3) . With the multi-purpose machine, produce the PET straps in different specifications directly and dont need to change the mould head;
4) . Comparing with new polyester slice, the transparency of products is just the same, but the tensile strength and shock resistance are up to the international grade;
5) . Low Energy consumption, but high production capability;
6) . Easy to operate, save the manpower and two persons for one production line on average.

6. Others
Product Origin: China
Brand Name: Raidsant
Payment Terms: T/T
Minimum Order: 1 set
Delivery Lead Time: 45 working days after sign contract
Certification(s) : ISO9001

NOTE; Consideration for our customer, we strickly stick to manufacture the machine as the ISO9001