Sell Petroleum Allocations from Direct Suppliers

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We have 2 very solid and proven ready allocations of petroleum, here they are:

Contract:50,000MT's x 12 month
BCL needed from end Buyer only on official bank letterhead, no older than 25 days old.

We can close this deal in 3-4 days, we are dealing direct with the Suppliers i assure you.

2) D2
Price:$12 Gross / $9.00Net
Buyer will have to intially provide a LOI on the end Buyers letterhead only, no broker chains, and no LOI's that are shopped via the Internet, you must be direct to the Buyer.

We can close this deal in 1 week, again we are direct with the Suppliers

If interested, and can provide what we request, contact us, but if you cannot provide what the suppliers request, then do not contact us.