Sell Petroleum Derivatives

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RWA capable financial customers, international competent and professional traders, official brokers and mandates for the herein products; Russian D2, JP 54 A and mazut 99/75

Please contact and forward all tenders, specific recommendation and inquiries for full details and immediate negotiation.

We will address all inquiries accordingly and all collaboration, communication shall be directed with actual customer or his legal mandate only. In this regard we do not deal though broker chains or third parties other than the two authorized signatory stated above (buyer and his legal mandate only) personels

Our professiona team will response for an immediate control results.

First and foremost we are primary seller with stringent measures structured to supply secondary market (resellers) specific. We offer products and contracts on 12 months basis only with numerous exception for short term contracts for 2 or 3 months after full consideration and approval of CEO-seller's only depends on each customer's circumstances (quantity, finance, purpose and or business nature

Term of delivery are CIF ASWP only. We do not supply FOB due to industry mechanism and strategic structures in terms of logistical complexity to ensure efficient delivery, immediate execution and guarantee success.
Term of measurement; we offer discount, count-quantity, contract and all related documents in metric tons. In addition standard conversion formula will apply to achieve the equivalent in barrels to best suit customer's preference accordingly if needed.

JP 54 customer(s) is mandatory to have a license on hand prior to consideration and approval of interest to purchase. The buyer shall also confirm final destination during preliminary and preparation process.
We use top 25 banks only, customers with banks beyond top 25 world prime will not be considered