Sell Petroleum Products

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Products offered :LPG/LNG/SLCO/BLCO/REBCO/M-100/D2
Origin : GCC/Nigeria/Russia
Quantity : SLCO/BLCO/REBCO 20 mil bbl per month
D2 - 2 mil mt per month
LPG/LNG/M-100 - 500,000mt per month
Delivery : FOB/CIF(NO ASWP) /TTT(for BLCO)
Price : Platt/Aramco CP/Fixed
Payment : 100% at sight, irrevocable, confirmed,
transferable, auto-revolving DLC from
Top 25 banks of the world

Procedures :

1) Buyer to issue LOI with refinery number( & Aramco registration number for SLCO) & BCL in favor of end seller.

2) Seller issues FCO

3) Buyer countersigns FCO & returns it back with ICPO with full banking details & permission for soft probe.

4) Seller issues draft contract & buyer returns it back incorporating amendments if any needed.

5) Seller & buyer sign the contract electronically & exchange via e-mail/fax and exchange hard copies by FedEx/DHL or have a TTM & sign the hard copies in person and exchange the same accross the table

6) Buyer issues pre-advise of LC from his bank to seller`s bank in 5-7 international banking days from the date of signing the contract.

7) Seller issues full POP & 2% non-operative PBG from his bank to buyer`s bank in 5-7 international banking days from the date of receipt of pre-advise LC.

8) Upon verification of POP & acceptance of non-operative PBG, buyer`s bank activates the RDLC. PBG gets activated automatically.

9) Seller commences shipment as per contractual terms