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In the industry of adhesive and sealant, petroleum resin plays an important role as tie resin. PR-A series petroleum resins are suitable to the petroleum resin of hot-melt adhesive and contact adhesive. They have good compatibility with SIS, SBS, SEBS, SEPS, natural rubber, synthetic rubber and EVA etc. .

The characteristics of PR-A3090, A1095, A2100, A1101, A2110, A2120 petroleum resin in hot-melt adhesive:

7 Good fluidity.

7 Good viscosity.

7 Excellent ageing resistance.

7 Light color.

7 Transparent, low odor, low volatile matter.

PR-A series can be separately used as tie resin in hot-melt adhesive or mixed with other tie resin.

Application field recommended:hot-melt adhesive.

Other use:hot-melt contact adhesive, solvent contact adhesive.
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