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We export high quality orchids. including phalaenopsis, cattleya, oncidium. We offer all sizes of orchids, both the flask, seedlings and blooming size. Are you interested in our product?

Our Promises: Superior quality, stable quantity, and reasonable prices

Quality: We clone our orchids by stem propagation and will never use PLB except requested by our customers. Some of our breeders also join in Phalaenopsis hybrid cultivation so that we may provide orchids at low prices such as Big White and Big Red.

Quantity: The rate of our cultivation has successfully achieved above 98%. In addition, our labs have 8 million mericlone plants and our breeders have 1 million hybrid seedlings produced annually.

Price: To ensure the plants in good quality, we spare no efforts working in the labs and proceed virus examinations beforehand. Because of our strict selection from the very beginning of cultivation, unqualified plants can hardly stay in our nurseries. Therefore, our cultivation cost is low and the prices we offer are very competitive.
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