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Pharmaceutic machinery
ZPY120 rotary tablet press
Main Application

This machine is a single-press type, continuously automatic rotary tablet press for pressing various granular materials into tablets. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry of Chinese and western to producing large tablets, simultaneity adapted to chemical, food, and electronic industry.


1. The machine is compatible with the GMP requirement.

2. The mechanism of the machine belongs to single-press type. It has prepressing tracks and the pressure rollers have bearings so that it has a large the pressure. It is stable in operation.

3. The punch and dies meet the international IPT standard. It can produce large tablets.

4. The tablet-pressing room is easy to clean and maintain.

5. An overload protection unit is including in the system to avoid the damage of the apparatus.

6. It is used advanced machatronics unit and touch keyboard and screen display, the speed adjustment of the driver is controlled by the frequency conversion device, and it is used the intellectual lubricating system.

7. The transmission system is located inside the wormgear box under the main body, and it is fully lubricated so that the pollutedness and the abrasion are greatly reduced.

8. The ways to fix the lower track and lower pressing wheels are especial, so that be remounted conveniently and fast.

Machine type number ZPY 120
Dies (sets) 20
Die standard IPT
Max. pressure (k N) 80
Max. dia. of table (mm) 25
Max. depth of fill (mm) 18
Max. thickness of table (mm) 10
Turret speed (r/min) 5~34
Max. production capacity (tablets/hour) 43,000
Motor (k W) 4
Overall size (mm) 840x1015x1720
Net weight (kg) 1200