Sell Phellinus Linteus Polysaccharide Capsule of Dabieshan Brand

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Phellinus Linteus is also called Lietizhenceng bacterium, Lietimuceng bacterium, Saner Mushroom, Husunyan, Sanchen Mushroom etc. , which has following characteristics such as its fruit body is perennial, hard wood, quality having no stem and side-growing. The pileus has a shape like a flat hemisphere, its color is light brown to black gray or black and it has yellow turndown sides, its bottom is bright yellow, and is a rare medicinal fungus; and its color is bright yellow as the color of yolk and its material is weighty. It has a good name of the gold in forest, because of the high demands of its growing circumstance, temperature, humidity, long growing period and hard discovery. Its efficacy is recorded in the large-scale fungal cyclopaedias in ancient and modern times. The product is made of carefully chosen fruit bodies of certified Phellinus Linteus growing on the mulberry tree by means of adopting the latest technology of biological enzyme, and then extracting the effective components such as high-content active polysaccharide of Phellinus Linteus, organic germanium, selenium etc. It is highly concentrated extract, its efficacy is decades times more than that of the fruit body hypha of Phellinus Linteus.
It has the following functions and mainly cure: promoting the five internal organs, draining off flatus, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, discharging poison, stanching bleeding, relieving fluid-retention, stopping diarrhea, etc. it is used for metrorrhagia, gynecological disease, amenorrhea and hemopexis, postpartum hemopexis for female; mass beside umbilicus for male, at the same time, curing insidious blood, and inferion hematochrome, etc. All these are from On Drug Property. Its main adaptive symptoms: weaken constitution, long-term constipation, severe insomnia, prolapse of anus, hemorrhoids, hematuria, hemicrania, chloasma, age pigment, hypersusceptibility of respiratory system, adjunctive teletherapy and chemotherapy, postpartum weakness, endocrine imbalance, menstruation imbalance, restoring menstruation, menopausal syndrome, and other gynopathyies.