Sell Phosphorus Pentoxide

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Phosphorus Pentoxide

CAS No. : 1314-56-3
Molecular Formula: P2O5
Molecular Weight: 141.94

Product Feature
White crystals, very deliquescent, density 0.9g/cm3, mp. 580-585C, sublimation temperature 300C, vapor pressure 133.3Pa (384C) . May transform to amorphous from under elevated temperature and pressure.

Readily absorbs moisture from. Exothermic hydrolysis by water to yield phosphoric acid.

Product Specification
99.5% Industrial Grade

Widely used in the industries of medicine, coating auxiliaries, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, anti static additive, titanate coupling agent, phosphorus oxychloride.

Mainly used in producing high purity phosphoric acid, used as desiccant of gas and liquid, dehydrant of organic synthesis.

40KG net bag or 200KG Iron Drums.