Sell Photocatalyst Air Purifier (PLAP-2-A)

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Product Name: Photocatalyst Air Purifier
Model No. : PLAP-2-A

Products Detail:
1. Electrostatic Prefilters: Filterring indoor dust, dander, hair, etc. ;
2. Efficient HEPA filters: Have special effects to flow dust, dust and smoke, pollen.
3. Alveolate Activated Carbon filter: Have good effects to remove the smell in the air, garbage rot taste, sweat smell and smoke etc. ; Have an adsorption ability, and more sustained role.
4. Sponge Activated Carbon filter: Can be effectively removed odour, use with cellular activated carbon, the effect will be more quickly.
5. Anti-Bacterial Net: Antimicrobial, disinfection and inhibited.
6. Sterilization Light + Ultrafine 3D Photocatalytic Composite Network: High rapid effective of photocatalytic, sterilizing antimicrobial, decomposites the bacterial endotoxin, and thoroughly to kill bacteria; Biodegrade formaldehyde, benzene and other organic compounds, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and other inorganics, have special effects to remove decoration pollution;
7. Negative ion: We feel fresh air and feel happy in the forest, waterfalls, the beach etc. Places, mainly because these places contain large quantities of air anions, can improve the air structure, and promote physical and mental health, to regulate and improve headache, insomnia, depression and other symptoms caused by the autonomic nervous disorders, let the indoor air as fresh as natural waterfalls and forests.

Product Features: Fully remove air pollution: Sterilization, the decoration pollution (formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC etc. ) , dust particles, smell; Add health elements of humanbeings, ease mental fatigue, enhance immunity.
Performance and Advantages: 7-layer extremely effective purification disinfection system to improve indoor air quality; Strong cycling wind quantity can quickly purify indoor air, and add healthy elements; Noise is less than 35 decibels, make you feel quiet and fresh.

Humanized Operation: Humanized very thin remote control, do all in a relaxed grasp, international popular large-screen LCD, running at a glance; 24-hour timing function can regularly switch; Intelligent sleep mode, power energy, experience quiet sleep, intelligent child lock feature to prevent the misuse of children; HEPA replacement tips, automatic tips of replacement of the filter; UV lamps replacement tips to remind the replacement of UV lamps; Aesthetically pleasing: European-american design, clean lines, the appearance of fashion, the elegant furnishings, you can display at any corners of the room for decoration.
Purpose: The product can be widely used in home, office, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, banks, entertainment venues, and hotel etc. . . Special Recommendation of the using environment: 1. New decorated rooms; 2. Bad Natural ventilation or confined space (such as KTV, Internet Bars) , 3. Hotels, conference rooms, hotels, schools, medical institutions, nursing homes and other concentration places with many persons; 4. There are children or elderly family; 5. Families with pregnant women, 6. Family with pets, 7. Families in distressing of pollen allergies, respiratory diseases and asthma; 8. Crowd suffering from Immunizations diseases or poor Inoculations resistance, 9. Smoking families and home at the roadside (ordinary roads, highways etc. ) , home around the construction areas.

Power: 220V / 76~81W
Negative ion: >10 millon/cc
Noise: <35dB
Applicable area: 57 m3
N W. : 8.2kg
Dimension: 409*210*526 mm